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    Start Roulette & Win Extra Prizes

    Senatry's Level 120 version has finally released! To celebrate the launch of the Roulette system, we have prepared bountiful prizes for every player! Start the Roulette now. Try your luck and win extra prizes!

    Duration: From 19:00 on Feb 23 to 19:00 on Mar 1, 2012* (MST)


    1. During this activity, if players start the Wheel of Fortune in game and win specific items, they can post the screenshot in this thread and get rewarded with extra prizes!
    2. Players can post more than one item they win, but they can only get the prize of each rank ONCE. For example, if players post two screenshots of 5 Bugles, they can only get the extra prize for 5 Bugles once; if players post one screenshot of 5 Bugles and another of 10 Assist Cards, they can get both the extra prizes for 5 Bugles and 10 Assist Cards.
    3. Players are not allowed to copy other player's achievement; otherwise, they will be disqualified.

    >>>>> Play Senatry Now <<<<<
    Thread Format
    Server: S1-ACCLAIM
    Nickname: xxx
    Screenshot: (The screenshot should include player's nickname and the server.)


    We will check every screenshot in this thread and send the prize to the account of the eligible players within 5 working days after the activity ends. Players will also receive an in-game mail as notification.

    *Start Time
    19:00:00 Thur, Feb 23, 2012 (MST, Server Time);
    18:00:00 Thur, Feb 23, 2012 (PST);
    21:00:00 Thur, Feb 23, 2012 (EST);
    02:00:00 Fri, Feb 24, 2012 (GMT).

    End Time
    19:00:00 Thur, Mar 1, 2012 (MST, Server Time);
    18:00:00 Thur, Mar 1, 2012 (PST);
    21:00:00 Thur, Mar 1, 2012 (EST);
    02:00:00 Fri, Mar 2, 2012 (GMT).
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    Server: S1-ACCLAIM
    Nickname: Putera
    [System]Putera got Sr. Levy Card * 1 which is worth 650 Gold from the Roulette.
    Screenshot: putera1.jpg

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    Server: S1-ACCLAIM
    Nickname: Voigt
    [System]Voigt got Sr. Levy Card * 1 which is worth 650 Gold from the Roulette.
    Screenshot: Roulette Server 1.jpg
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    forgot to take screenshot when the 10 forced attacks were won, this is in case it's still accepted:

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    Server: S3-CAROUSE
    Nickname: CatOStrophic
    Sr. Tech Speed Up


    Sorry, according to the Prize of activity, "Sr. Tech Speed Up" card does not meet the requirement.
    Last edited by Senatry Team; 02-25-2012 at 12:13 AM.

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    Server: S2-BACKING
    Nickname: wiky
    sr levy_upload.jpg

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    i havent gotten my daily chips

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    Server: S3-CAROUSE
    Nickname: Al3gr4

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    No chip for the second day in a row!!!!

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    Server-S2 Backing
    Sr Levy Card.jpg

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